©2009 Chutima Kerdpitak

s_all you can eat s_coke s_front of the house s_back of the house s_hole 4 s_pineneedles s_spiritual cu s_sponge top s_spun long shot s_teletubby head s_tube s_tyre angle s_tyre cu s_sponge fullshot s_sponge african s_pop corn s_top three millies s_cactus fullshot SPIRIT HOUSE (INTERIOR DETAIL)

'Rice and Oil' exhibition

13 installations by Nok

s_yes sir

"all you can eat"

"spiritual trans-actions"

"always more than one

reason to get married"

"spirit house"

"price the diamonds"

" career"

"yes sir, no questions sir"

"the bigger picture"

"substantial puppeteering"

"qualified for Equal Opportunities"

"another hero of the empire"

s_hammock full

"price them multiculturally"

(image seen through holes)

dream catcher 2009

"dream catchers"

(not displayed in this exhibition)